Enfield Camera Club

Committee 2016 - 17

Competition Rules June 2014

Club Constitution




Chairman - James Taylor

Vice Chairman - Les Taylor

Hon: Secretary - Alan Wheeler

Hon: Treasurer - Ian Still

Programme Secretary - Harold Neville

Membership Secretary - Peter Campbell

Publicity Secretary - Chris Silwood

Exhibition, Print and Outside Competition Secretary - Tony Mead

DPI Competition Secretary - Frank Heinley




John Wallington

Anne Johnson

Garry Lakin


      1 . General.


        Enfield Camera Club holds several competitions for prints and projected images throughout the year. Entry to these competitions is open t0

        all club members who have paid their subscriptions for that year.


        Any image submitted by a club member to any club competition, may be home, trade or

        digitally processed. However, any digital manipulation of the image(s) during processing must be the work of the member entering the image.

        In all cases the original image(s) must have been produced by the photographer and the copyright of the final image must be held by the



        A selection of the highest scoring images from every competition will be put onto the Club’s website. The copyright of these images remains with

        the photographer. Members who do not wish their images to appear on the website must inform the web site manager.


        All trophies will be engraved with the name of the winner and, if possible, will be presented at the club’s AGM. The full cost of engraving will

        be paid by the winners.


        All trophies awarded will be held from receipt until the following May. They must then be returned in a clean condition.


        The Committee will decide on any matters arising that are not covered in these rules.


      2 .  Members responsibility.


        It is the responsibility of the individual member to ensure that all competition entries conform to the requirements specified here. In case of

        doubt the member should approach a committee member for advice.


      3.  Competition schedule.


        A schedule will be published at the AGM of the preceding season detailing the competitions for the season, and the subjects for the set subject

        competition. This will include details of the number of entries per round.


      4.  Age of images.


        Images must not be more than 3 years old, dating from the first date an image was entered into a competition at Enfield Camera Club.


      5.  Judging.


        All entries will be individually appraised by an independent judge.


      6.  Incorrect category.


       In the event that two or more of the committee members present believe that an image does not match the requirements of the competition

       in which it is entered, the entry may be disqualified following discussion with the photographer. A disqualified image may be re-entered in the

       correct competition.


      7.  Multi-round competitions.


       These competitions run throughout the season and have two or more rounds. The number of rounds and the number of entries in each

       round will be published in the competition schedule at the start of the season.


        7.1 Scoring.


               All entries are individually judged and awarded marks out of twenty. At the end of the season the scores will be added together and the

               member with the highest total score will be deemed the winner. Only the highest X scores for each member will be counted, where X

               is the maximum number of entries possible, less the number of entries for one round. So if a competition has 4 rounds of 3 entries,

               only the 9 highest scoring entries will be counted.


        7.2 Missed rounds.


               Should a round be unavoidably missed then extra images may be entered in the next appropriate round, subject to the agreement

               of the committee.


        7.3 Image eligibility.


               An image, projected or print, may only be entered into one multi-round competition once in a season, and twice in total.

               An image used in a projected image competition cannot also be entered into a print competition, and vice versa.

               This does not affect the eligibility of images for entry into the single competitions.


     8. Single competitions.


      These are one off competitions held during the season.


       8.1  Scoring.


              Entries in single competitions are not marked – the judge will select a first, second and third and some commended or highly

              commended at the judge’s discretion.


         8.2  Image eligibility.


               An image may only be entered into one of the single competitions per season. It may be entered into the same or another

               single competition in a different year. An image may only be entered twice in total.   This does not affect the eligibility of images

               for entry into the multi-round competitions.


     9. Competition class.


       All competitions, print and projected image, are divided into two classes – general and advanced – unless stated otherwise in

       these rules. Membership of these classes are the same for print and projected image.


         9.1  General Class.


               New members will normally be assigned to the General class. Should the member deem this to be inappropriate the Committee

               will consider any request to be reassigned.


         9.2  Advanced Class.


               Promotion to the Advanced class will normally follow the award of the trophy for either of the multi-round Open Competitions

               – print or projected image. Such promotion is not automatic and is subject to the committee’s ratification. Other members may

               be promoted to the advanced class at the committee's discretion. A member who wishes to be re-assigned to the General class

               may request a change at the end of the Club season.


     10.  General rules for print competitions.


         10.1  Print Mounting


               Entries must be adequately mounted so they may be easily displayed on the Club’s print easel.


         10.2  Print labelling


               Entries must be clearly marked in the top left corner on the reverse of the mount with the photographer’s name,

               the competition category, the class and the title of the print.  If desired the title may also be shown on the front.

               The marking may be directly on to the mount or using an adhesive label. An example is shown here.

               This is to make it easier for the person reading out the titles and names to find them, and the label position is used to

               determine the orientation of the print when displayed on the easel.















         10.3  Size of prints


               The minimum area of prints should be 35 square inches (226 square centimeters). The maximum height of the mount

               is 24 inches (61 centimeters).


         10.4  Multi-round print competitions


               For multi-round competitions all entries must be notified in advance, to enable the entries to be recorded in the print book.

               Print slips to do this are available from the club website, and paper versions will be available at the club meeting two meetings

               before the competition night. Print slips must be submitted on the club night immediately prior to the competition night.


               In exceptional circumstances entries may be submitted by email up to the Sunday evening before the competition.

               Entries must include:

                                                  • The members name

                                                  • The class and competition being entered

                                                  • The print titles

                                                  • The date of any previous entry for each title


               Entries to be submitted no later than 15 minutes before the start of any evening’s competition, i.e. 7.45 pm.


         10.5  Single print competitions


               For single print competitions no print slips are required, it is not necessary to provide advance notification of the entry titles.


     11.  General rules for projected image competitions.


         11.1  Image size


               The projector produces an image on the screen that is 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high. This means that the image size must be:


               Maximum width: 1400pixels.

               Maximum height: 1050 pixels.


         11.2  File name


               The name of the file must be in the correct format:












                                                  • The name of the image, in upper case.

                                                  • A space, the word “by” in lower case, and another space.

                                                  • Your name, capitalised correctly. It is important that your name is entered exactly the same for all

                                                     images in all competitions, otherwise the system will not calculate your scores correctly.

                                                  • The file name must have a .jpg extension.



         11.3  Color space


               The images should be saved in the sRGB color space.


         11.4  Submitting entries


               The preferred method of submitting entries is by email to digital@enfieldcameraclub.co.uk to arrive by the midnight on the Sunday

               before the competition date. Entries may also be submitted on USB memory sticks, or CD's on the Thursday before the

               competition date.


         11.5  Notes


                                                  • File names may be adjusted by the competition secretary to match the required format.

                                                  • Oversize images will be resized prior to the competition with unpredictable results on image quality

                                                    – for best results images should be sized correctly.

                                                  • Under size images will NOT be resized.

                                                  • Avoid the use of the # symbol in file names, it confuses the competition software.

                                                  • If you use windows and have file extensions hidden (ie, you normally do not see the .jpg)

                                                    then do not add another .jpg to the end of the filename. This results in a file with a .jpg.jpg

                                                    extension which confuses the competition software.


     12.  Open print competition.


      This is a multi-round print competition. Images may comprise any subject matter. The number of rounds and entries per

      round will be announced in the competition schedule.


     13.  Portrait print competition.


      This is a multi round print competition. Rounds of this competition are held at the same meetings as the set subject competition.

      The number of rounds and entries per round will be announced in the competition schedule. A portrait print is defined as:-

       “A photograph of a person, part of a person or a group of people.”


     14.  Set subject print competition.


      This is a multi-round print competition. Rounds of this competition are held at the same meetings as the portrait competition.

      The number of  rounds and entries per round will be announced in the competition schedule. Each round of this competition will

      have a different set subject, the subject will be announced in the competition schedule.


     15.  Print of the year.


      This is one competition for all classes. This is a single round print competition, usually held towards the end of the Club year.

      The number of entries will be announced in the competition schedule. Prints of all categories can be entered.


     16.  Projected Image Trophy Competition.


      This is a multi-round competition, the number of rounds and the number of entries for each round will be announced

      iin the competition schedule. This competition is open to all types of photography.


     17.  Projected Image of the Year Competition.


      This is one competition for all classes. This is a single round competition held usually towards the end of the Club year.

      This competition is open to all types of images. The number of entries will be announced in the competition schedule.


     18.  Annual Awards.


              • Arthur Lambert Trophy – Open print competition, general class.

                  • Hornby Trophy – Open print competition, advanced class.

                  • Reg Williams Cup – Set subject print competition, general class.

                  • Raynor Cup – Set subject print competition, advanced class.

                                                  • Sellick Cup – Portrait print competition, general class.

                                                  • Olive Portrait Trophy – Portrait print competition, advanced class.

                                                  • Projected Image Trophy – Projected image competition, advanced class.

                                                  • TO BE DETERMINED – Projected image competition, general class.

                                                  • Al Neville Cup – Print of the year • Norman Rowe Cup – Projected image of the year


     19.  Useful email addresses.


                  • digital@enfieldcameraclub.co.uk – address for sending images for entry into the projected image competitions.

                  • prints@enfieldcameraclub.co.uk – address for sending titles of entries to print competitions.

                  • winners@enfieldcameraclub.co.uk – address for sending digital versions of winning print entries for inclusion on the web site.


       1. Title.


    The title of the organisation shall be the “Enfield Camera Club”. (Hereinafter referred to as the “Club”)


        2. Status.


    The Club shall be run as a non-profit making organisation.


        3. Objectives.


    The objectives of the Club shall be:


    a.  To foster and improve the technical knowledge and artistic appreciation of photography.


    b.  To encourage members to behave in a responsible and considerate manner whilst practising the art of photography.


    c.  To arrange and/or sponsor demonstrations, discussions, exhibitions and lectures appertaining to the art of photography.


    d.  To provide facilities, where possible, for the assistance and instruction of members.


    e.  To undertake any other activities as may be conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


        4. Finance.


    a.  The funds of the Club shall be devoted solely to the objectives stated above, and that no officer or other member, whether acting in an active or

         advisory capacity, shall receive payment or reward for their services to the Club, other than for legitimate expenses incurred on

         behalf of the Club.


    b.  Only such expenses as shall have been incurred with the prior knowledge and consent of the Executive Committee shall be deemed to be

         legitimate expenses.


    c.  No financial liability, beyond the necessary routine expenditure in connection with the day-to-day affairs of the Club, shall be incurred on behalf

         of the Club without the Committee’s authority.


    d.  At the first Committee Meeting of each financial year the Committee shall authorise such necessary routine expenditure in connection with the

         day-to-day affairs of the Club by the Executive officers of the Club.


    e.  All monies due and owing to the Club, including subscriptions, shall be recoverable at law in the name of the Honorary Secretary.


    f.   All cheques/withdrawals etc drawn upon the Club’s Banking Account shall be signed by two nominated signatories, one of which must be the

         Honorary Treasurer.


    g.  The Club’s financial year shall terminate on April 30th.


    h.  The accounts of the Club shall be audited annually by one or more Auditors to be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.


       5. Management of the Club.


    a.  The affairs of the Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Committee”), consisting of the Executive

         Officers and six other members, all of whom shall be elected annually by ballot of the members, the result of which shall be declared at the

         Annual General Meeting.


    b.  The Executive Officers of the Club shall be; the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.


    c.  The Committee shall have power to fill any vacancy, whether Executive Officer or ordinary member, to have full voting powers, and to hold office

         until the next Annual General Meeting.


    d.  The Committee shall have power to appoint Sub-Committees and to co-opt to the Committee any person or persons considered necessary for the

         fulfilment of the function of the Committee or the Sub-Committee, such a co-opted person or persons to act in a consultative capacity without

         voting powers.


    e.  The Committee may appoint retiring Chair Person as Honorary Committee members. They shall hold office for such time as they remain members

         of the Club, unless their appointment is previously terminated by the Committee. They shall be entitled to receive notice of and attend all

         Committee  Meetings They shall be empowered to vote at Committee meetings for the period of five years following the date of their appointment.

         After this period they shall not be empowered to vote, but will be entitled to contribute to the proceedings. They shall remain eligible for election

         to an executive position, in which case they shall have the full powers of that position. Chairmen retiring after 1st July 2007 will not be entitled to

         attend Committee Meetings after their five years as Honorary Committee members.


    f.   The Chairman shall have, if necessary, at any of the General Meetings or Committee Meetings, a casting vote if an agreement cannot be reached.


    g.  All General and Committee Meetings shall be conducted by the Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman. In the absence of both the

         Chairman will ask one of the Executive Officers to take the Chair. Exceptionally the Chairman may ask any member of the Club to take the Chair

         at a General meeting.


    h.  The quorum for a Committee Meeting shall be seven voting members including one Executive officer.


    i.   The Committee shall make and issue rules governing membership, subscriptions, visitors, the conduct of competitions, and the general activities

        of the Club. The Committee may delete from, alter or add to such rules at any time. However, changes to rules governing the conduct of

        competitions can only take effect at the start of the competitions affected.


    j.   The Annual General Meeting shall be held within three months after the end of the Club’s financial year. It will normally be the last

         General Meeting

         of the season. Each member shall receive fourteen days’ notice of the Annual General Meeting.


    k.  Notice of a motion to be put at an Annual General Meeting must be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary not later than seven days before the

         meeting concerned.


    l.   The quorum for Annual General Meetings shall be twenty voting members or not less than one third of the total voting membership, whichever is

         the less, including at least two Executive Officers but excluding the President and Vice- President.


    m. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall include:


       ⦁ The declaration of the election of the Honorary Officers and Auditors to the Club.

       ⦁ The appointment of the Executive Committee.

       ⦁ The presentation of and, if approved, the adoption of the Annual Report and the Financial Statement of the Club for the year.

       ⦁ Any proposed changes to the rules or constitution of the Club.


    n. Special General Meetings may be called by the Committee as and when they deem necessary.


    o.  A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Honorary Secretary within twenty-one days of receiving a written request to do so, signed by not

         less than ten of the voting members, and stating the nature of the business to be discussed. No business other than that specified shall be

         considered at such Special General Meetings.


    p.  The Honorary Secretary shall give fourteen days notice to all members of all Special General Meetings.


    q.  The quorum for Special General Meetings shall be twenty voting members or not less than one third of the total voting membership, whichever is

         the less, including at least two Executive Officers but excluding the President and Vice- President.


       6. Management of the Club.


    a.  The Committee may appoint a President to hold office for two years after which he/she will not be eligible for re- appointment for ten years.

         The President shall be entitled to receive notice of and attend all Committee Meetings but shall have no executive duties, no voting rights,

         nor count in any quorum. He need not be a subscribing member, but shall be entitled to attend all General Meetings.


    b.  The Committee may, at their discretion, appoint a President up to two years in advance of the President taking office. In this case the President

         elect shall be known as the Vice-President.


    c.   Whilst the President has no mandatory duties it is expected that the President will provide a President’s Evening at one of the general meetings.

         It is also expected that the President will act as representative of the Club on as many occasions as possible. In the event that the President is

         unable to do so the Vice-President (if there be one) may deputise.


       7.  Membership.


    a.  Membership is open to all persons over the age of eighteen years practising or interested in the art of photography.


    b.  The Committee has the power to refuse either entrance to meetings or membership to any person or persons.


    c.  A strict condition of membership shall be the acceptance of, and adherence to, the Rules and Constitution of the Club.


    d.  Every member shall be provided with a copy of the Constitution and Rules of the Club.


    e.  The Committee may confer Honorary Membership upon any person or persons whom they deem to have merited this privilege, such Honorary

         Membership to be for life but subject to acceptance and adherence to the Rules and Constitution of the Club. An Honorary member shall not hold

         any executive office.


    f.   Members may not submit work to any Club competition, internal or external, until their subscription for that season have been paid.


       8. Dissolution.


     In the event of the dissolution of the Club, no distribution of assets shall be made amongst the members, and any balance of cash in hand after the

     realisation of all assets and the payment of all debts shall be distributed amongst bodies having similar aims and objects and whose Constitution and

     Rules contain similar provision as to the application of profits and alienation of assets, such bodies to be determined by the members present at the

     Dissolution Meeting or winding-up, and in default thereof by a judge of the High Court having jurisdiction in regard to charitable funds.



      9. Alterations to the Constitution.


    Alterations to this Constitution can only be made at an Annual or Special General Meeting and the resolution embodying such alterations must be

     carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of the votes recorded.



      10. Matters not Provided for.


     The Committee shall have emergency powers to act on any matters not provided for in this Constitution if deemed urgent and necessary, but no

     action so taken shall conflict with or operate as an alteration of any existing article. Any action taken under this authority shall be reported to the

     next Annul General meeting.


                 This Constitution was passed at the Special General Meeting held on Tuesday, 10th April, 1951.


                                Revised Annual General Meeting 1953

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 1955

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 1956

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 1960

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 1962

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 1969

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 1973

                                Revised Special General Meeting 1995

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 2007

                                Revised Annual General Meeting 2015



                 This Document is certified as a true and correct copy of the Constitution




                 Signed…………………………………………… Honorary  Secretary Enfield Camera Club 28th June 2007.


Affiliated to The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through the East Anglian Federation